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hey ppl 
08:22pm 23/04/2008
  what's up?  
11:00am 30/05/2006
  Hi! My name is Konstantin, I'm from Russia. I like Dusty's music very much - that's why I joined. I have some of her albums & compilations, my favorites are 'Simply ...Dusty' box-set & 'Sings Burt Bacharach's favorites'. That's great that someone created the community ;)  
Biopic of Dusty 
10:19pm 12/05/2005
mood: artistic
I am sure that y'all know this already, but I figured I'd post it since it wasn't up.

In this month's issue of the Advocate, there is an article that mentions how Kristen Chenoweth will portray her in an upcoming movie:


I love Kristen b/c 1) she is a Tony winner; and 2) she is on West Wing. I am sure she will do a good job.
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03:35pm 18/04/2005
  Howdy Strangers,

just joined your community, i'm a 17 yr old australian guy and dusty is my favourite at the moment. I only have two cds and 1 LP. That is - "Dusty In Memphis" (remastered) cd, "Classics and Collectibles" (2cd set totaling 51 songs) and a very scratched Dusty Springfield LP. I have way too many favorites to go into now, but here are a few:

Summer is over
You dont own me
all cried out
i only want to be with you
i close my eyes and count to ten
how can i be sure
its over
in the winter
I cant make it alone****** song that got be hooked onto dusty
soft core
your hurtin' kind of love
in the middle of nowhere
little by little
the corrupt ones
i will come to you
sweet inspiration
bits and pieces
what have i done to deserve this?
just a little lovin'

I havent quite found other people my age which love dusty yet.....there have to be some out there hahaha. hope your all well,
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11:35am 13/02/2005
  Dusty's voice is one of the more perfect ones I've ever heard. The way in which she sings is so gorgeous and soulful and masterful and yet you can always hear a little bit of sadness, a little bit of heartbreak in the background. I read once that she created the "character" of Dusty Springfield in response to a realization she had as a teenager that she could "be miserable or become someone else." Oh, Dusty.

My five fav Dusty raves:
* You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
* So Much Love [my sweetie and I almost used this as our weddin' song but I was worried that I'd bust out crying in front of all our friends and loved ones like a complete fucking maniac!]
* No Easy Way Down
* How Can I Be Sure
* Stay Awhile

Also, it's pretty hilarious that she sang the theme to "Growing Pains" with B.J. Thomas.

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09:35am 12/02/2005
  Anybody can post something if they'd like... don't be afraid of the so-far blank journal...  
First Entry 
02:15pm 26/01/2005
mood: happy
This is the first entry of the Dusty Springfield dedication community.